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Okay, I know I said I would write a bunch of posts over break, but…once I got home I fell into the trap of laziness (and of Griffin McElroy’s hilarious Polygon videos). So here’s my rundowns of and thoughts on some recent videos. There’s something for everyone here.


This one really got me messed up. Like, so, so, so super excited. First off: I did not realize it was my man, Mads Mikkelsen, speaking at the beginning until he said “…I do it to protect you.” (Probably because he said something like that to Will Graham while on Hannibal.) So when he appeared I freaked out a little.

Besides that, this seems to set the tone for the movie more than the first trailer did. Rogue One is going to be a super-serious movie, but this peek established a sort of soaring feeling. It’s about the spirit of revolution, it seems. There also might be some mythbuilding here—check out this WIRED breakdown. I’m hopeful for good comedy moments also.

Plus, this is the most diverse Star Wars…yet? Most of the main characters are not white, and, as in Episode VII, many extras/background characters are of color also. I like this new universe we’re stepping into. I’m not rating these, but maybe I’ll give a general feeling as a kind of rating? Well, I’m super-excited, like I said, but I also got such a heart-bursting feeling, which I usually get for Avengers trailers or the other epic, very-meaningful-to-the-Marvel-Universe-movies (read: Captain America: Civil War).



I thought I was doing these in chronological order, but it seems I misinterpreted time, as this came out three days prior to Rogue One‘s trailer.

I ALSO thought I would 100% not be interested in this absolutely bizarre film. I was wrong again, I’m seeing this opening day and no one can stop me. I don’t know who Vaani Kapoor is, but she’s doing a good job! (I was, upon this movie’s announcement, very skeptical of her. Sorry ji.) Ranveer Singh is my sweet prince as always, and his hair is alternately either completely on point or wholly off, as always.

Basically it seems like this is a movie about two youngsters who decide that they won’t fall in love and will instead have a casually intimate relationship. I feel like this occurred in another Bollywood film, but I can’t recall which one exactly. Here, though, they’re constantly daring each other to do some weird and wild things. Trailer examples: slapping cop, public sex, dancing, scantily-clad dancing, etc.

SPEAKING of scantily clad dancing: Ranveer at 1:14 and 1:38 in what looks like…Playboy Bunny underwear? Best costume department choice ever or what? I was trying to find a word or phrase (preferably suffixed by -boy) to describe his look in this video. I settled on Peak Skinny Boy, but while I was listening to some tunes on Saavn I picked a better one (no -boy though). This takes a little explaining, be patient with me. On the Mirzya soundtrack there are a bunch of—I guess interlude songs? They would be interludes on a regular album. Essentially they’re all Daler Mehndi shouting/singing a neat phrase (plus some more words on some), which is also the title of the song. The one that popped out at me was “Mera Mirza Sher Jawan,” which translates to “My Mirza, Young Lion.”

THAT’S IT! Basically there’s no English appellation + boy I can say to wholly encompass Ranveer’s skinny-muscle look in this movie, but “Mera Ranveer Sher Jawan” is PERFECT, if you tack Skinny Boy on there somewhere.

The music for this film sounds awesome, too. I love the way they incorporated the French, and just the way the song sounds, in the track that starts at 0:49. The first song, “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi,” is out, and it’s very popping. Can I say that? Can I type popping with the and not sound like a complete and utter nerd/fool? It’s too late. That’s the adjective I picked. It’s very danceable? I’ll get into it in my rundown below.

Feelings review: I’m in. I’m so in. (but what is with the hashtags?)



I don’t have a ton to say about the video itself, except that a bunch of those folks are kind of strange (bringing your portable console to parties? hmmm). I’ve been pretty pumped since Nintendo announced the console formerly known as the NX, so this got my blood going. I’m going to gloss over the portability feature and the strange little controllers, because I am going to be playing these games firmly, very incredibly firmly, ensconced in blankets on my couch with a regular-size, normal layout controller, thank you.

And those games, though. Obviously I was born to play this next Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. It’s a Zelda game, but it’s open-world. There is voice acting. It’s a little sci-fi. It’s a Zelda game, but there’s a whole lot more game. For someone who loves the Zelda franchise, specifically Twilight Princess (aka the best form of any media ever created, ever, don’t test me on this, you’re wrong), the opportunity to have about 1000% more story and gametime is fantastic. Main draw for me (though I think it’s also on the Wii U; whatever).

Watching this video, I spotted, at 1:06 and then again at 1:25 a game that I did not recognize. At first, I just thought that it was another Nintendo game I didn’t know. But then I saw the dragon, and a crazy thought began to coalesce. It couldn’t be Skyrim, could it? That’s a Bethesda game. That would be ridiculous and impossible.

Guys, it’s Skyrim.

Guys, how crazy is this?! You’re telling me I can play a Bethesda game on a damn NINTENDO?! If you click through on the tweet it’ll lead you to an image that a bunch of logos for a “sampling of Nintendo Switch partners.” In 9VOLT’s tweet above, you can see that FromSoftware is one of these said partners.

Why is this so exciting, you may ask? Well, FromSoftware makes many a game, among them the Bloodborne franchise and, oh yeah, Dark SoulsDARK SOULS! I got a PS4 for my birthday this year, and I was namely after it for the purpose of playing Dark Souls III (which I still don’t have, pals, take note). But now I’m free! Give me all of your blackened spirits.

Feelings rating: I was scammed into a PS4 give me this thing p le ase



This is my second go at this review (see below), but I’ll try to just recreate it.

At first, I was not pumped at all for this. Aamir Khan’s giving us another wrestling movie? So soon after this Eid’s Sultan starring Salman Khan? And Aamir is old and patently Not Cute in it? Bye.

When the poster and synopsis came out I was more excited. Girls wrestling? Aamir’s first movie in two years? Sign me the heck up. Female empowerment? I’m already in line.

At the beginning of the trailer though, I was skeptical again. Another movie about Olympic dreams dashed, ugh, just like Sultan? Another movie with the dad-wants-a-son theme, ugh? Perpetuating this useless trope, bye?

But then! At 1:42 Aamir’s character, Mahavir Singh Phogat, says, “Woh baat meri samajh main na aayi woh gold toh gold hota hai. Chora la ve o chori.” The translation’s in the video, but I like mine more: “The thing that didn’t come to my understanding/I didn’t comprehend is that gold is gold. Whether a boy takes it or a girl.”

Could this be a feminist movie? Oh, yep, it is, okay, I’m here, I’m listening.

The breakdown:

The song that starts at 2:02. Also, go and get it, Babita. Go on with your strong self.

At 2:13, after Geeta beats about 1000 men into the dirt, she walks out swaggering, with her whole crew behind her, which is just goals.

The song that starts at 2:29 will obviously be on repeat (dangal, dangal!). Plus, it’s Daler Mehndi.

At 2:55 when they just break out PEAK MUSCLE ELF BOY Aamir?! Here for it.

Feelings rating: DANGAL, DANGAL!


Short but absolutely savage.

(They tacked a whole 50 seconds onto this video just to give us snippets of three other ADHM songs. As if they aren’t on repeat already, please, don’t scam me.)

I have to start by saying that I am not the biggest Ranbir Kapoor fan by far (so very far). It’s something to do with his melancholy long-face looks, perhaps, or maybe because he cheated on my beloved Deepika Padukone with Katrina Kaif, of all people? Not that I’m bitter or whatever. But I love him here.

I was on a plane when I watched this, taxiing, and here are some things that made me laugh out loud (sorry, whoever was in 5B) (I was also dancing a bit, NOT sorry):

What is he doing at 0:22? I don’t know, but I definitely feel the same way.

His noise at 0:26, I lost it.

The little thing between him and Anushka Sharma at 0:56 was funny to me. This whole thing with him putting on all that mehndi is hilarious.

What is his dance at 1:24? My dude, what?!

Ranbir is also just so good at looking so sad. He does shades of sad like other actors do shades of all expressions. He can, incredibly convincingly, be funny-sad, fake-sad, sad-sad, dramatically-sad…you get the picture. And his comedic timing is great. I’m pumped to see him alongside Anushka.

I love getting more and more glimpses of this movie. I haven’t seen Student of the Year yet (I know, I know), so maybe that has something to do with it, but a “modern” Karan Johar film feels so strange and exciting to me. I grew up with his movies, and they are, at this point, part of my base identity, so to have one come out while I am a functioning human being capable of seeing it on the big screen is crazy and exciting to me. (Side note: if anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area knows of a theater that is showing ADHM, please, please, please, please tell me. I have to see this.)

I love the bits where Ranbir and Anushka are in the mountains, dressed in a 90s style, saris blowing, satirizing Karan’s own films. I’m very excited to see this. It’s probably the movie I’ve been looking forward to the most this year. (Except for maybe Jason Bourne?)

Feelings rating: I will be incredibly devastated if I can’t see this in theaters. On a happier note, I cannot wait to see these ANTICS on the big screen.


(I could not find a gif of this, but here it is anyway.)


So catchy, so slick. I always forget Ranveer can dance, and then…he just jumps out and does the damn thing! Vaani is also an incredible dancer, which I didn’t expect (or didn’t know to expect, I suppose). This whole thing is great. Nothing in particular stuck out (except certain dancing moments), but that’s not a bad thing. The French at the beginning was nice.

Best line: “Lagti current jaise, nikla warrant jaise,” which means “she feels like an [electric] current, like a freshly-issued warrant.” How absolutely fantastic is that, readers. I would like to be a woman who is like an arrest warrant.

Arijit Singh sings this number. He’s usually used for sadder songs (see: “Agar Tum Saath Ho,” “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,” “Tum Hi Ho,” etc.), but I really like hearing him on such an upbeat tune. He has a certain quality to his voice—not laid-back, but rather at ease, confident, a little drawl and stretch on his vowels.

Feelings rating: Well, I downloaded it on Saavn, so.


Look, I know “Obviously” isn’t actually the title of the movie, but it is now!

I love the slightly altered version of “Hooked on a Feeling” that’s used at the start. Also how they try to trick you into thinking this is going to be a serious movie, but actually, no, we’re back at it, got ya good, sad superhero movies are for fools. I was banging my head to the theme, laughing out loud, and generally enjoying myself during this trailer. I’m glad Michael Rooker’s Yondu is a main now, because he’s great.

I am very excited for this film, and I will go see it when it comes out. One issue: I’ve seen this trailer twice, and each time it suggests that I go see the Doctor Strange trailer. Nope, bye, thank you, never, bye.

Feelings rating: do I dare say I am hooked upon this feeling? That’s dumb even for me. I am very happy this film franchise exists and I will thoroughly enjoy this, the next installment.

This took so much longer than I thought it would. This took two hours, hold on, what? How bad is that! I need to go to bed, folks. Tomorrow I’ll do some kind of stationery review, I swear, then on Thursday I’ll talk/write at you about comics.

Sleep well. Tell your dreams about me, I guess?

(Also when I went to check over this post I saw that part of my Nintendo Switch review had been deleted and then when I went to fix it it deleted all of my Dangal lowdown. I am so mad I can’t find the revisions menu oh my goddddd)

mirzya trailer #2

I don’t plan on doing trailer reviews all that often (if at all), but this one was excellent.

I liked this much better than the first trailer. Not that I didn’t like the first trailer, which was really good, just that this one was excellent, as I said above. Trailers that are cut to the music are always better, in my opinion, and in this one ROMP used “Hota Hai,” which is my favorite song off of the Mirzya album. (Also this was just cut superbly.) This is the best Bollywood trailer I have ever seen (yes, INCLUDING Bajirao Mastani‘s (2015), which gives me tons and tons of feelings but is not as great).

Best moments: 0:38, because timing.

0:57, again, timing. (They used the gun noises so well, honestly.)

1:30, because the transition between the wedding/mehndi and the dancing that’s part of “Chakora” got me good.

2:21, because Mirzya (Harshvardhan Kapoor) sounds so young as he denies his love for Sahiban (Saiyami Kher). Good stuff, Harsh.

Last notes: at the end, are there white people? Are they the ones dressed in red, with Sahiban on their side? Why?

Mirzya’s bow looks quite cool with the blue accents. Sahiban’s red Sabyasachi lehenga is the bomb. It’s gorgeous and beautiful and perfect for this film (I have a deep obsession with Sabyasachi, my dudes). 17/10 would wear at my wedding. (maybe. pants option?)

And Saiyami Kher is so pretty! And, so far, believable as both past- and present-Sahiban. Where did she come from—she’s not a star kid, so…?

Guys, breaking, I just fact-checked myself, she’s basically a star kid. Also, Saiyami has been a model for a while, which I should have totally guessed, because her bone structure is Matt Bomer-level. Her aunts are Tanvi and Shabana Azmi. The former was in Bajirao Mastani  as Bajirao’s nasty mom, and in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) as Bunny’s mom, and in Darr (1993) as no one’s mom. The latter Azmi has been in over 120 (!!) Hindi and Bengali films, including Umrao Jaan (2006) and Neerja (2016). She’s also a prolific activist.

Oh, man, but wait, Shabana is also Farhan and Zoya Akhtar’s stepmom, the connections never end. For my non-indoctrinated readers, Farhan is an actor and a singer, and Zoya, his sister, is a director. So then is Saiyami cousin to Farhan and Zoya? My thinking says yes. Let nepotism prevail so Saiyami can do a Zoya movie and be successful.

This has become a tangent, and I’m going to exacerbate it. Zoya’s next is a film called Gully Boy (not galli, which pisses me off), based on the lives of the Indian rappers Naezy and Divine. Ranveer Singh is basically #confirmed to star, and with all hope Fawad Khan will join him. Here’s some info; the photo they use of Ranveer is hilarious. So what if Saiyami got in on this action and played a rapper alongside Ranveer (and Fawad)? This is some real deal fantasizing and 100% will not happen but I’m knocking on wood anyway. I can dream.

Okay, good night guys. Book reviews tomorrow maybe? Oh, no, comics tomorrow. Books later. Sleep well. (Listen to the Mirzya soundtrack; the movie comes out on October 7th.)