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I decided to skip a dedicated intro post. I found it a little awkward, to be honest. You’ll get to know me as we go (hopefully). But as a cursory hello–I’m Indrani. I love TV, pens and stationery, Bollywood, books, comics, movies, and I’m sure a lot of other things that I can’t think of right now. For one, the New York Times (specifically the Sunday edition).

Fall TV. Shall we?

New shows first.


Queen Sugar has already aired its first three episodes at this point, and I’d recommend that you watch them all posthaste. Ava DuVernay’s silver screen debut has everything I like—good soundtrack, good story, good color, and, most importantly (for me at least), a super-diverse, overwhelmingly majority non-white cast. Queen Sugar is a family drama about three siblings that inherit their father’s languishing farm after he passes. The acting is fantastic and the characters feel real, vibrant, warm. The rest I’ll let y’all see for yourselves. (10PM)


I love Michael Weatherly. I have loved him since season one of NCIS. Look at his hair.


Thus I was so super-excited when I saw that he had gotten his own show, and right off of leaving NCIS to boot. Bull is a procedural drama about a jury consultant—I know, yet another procedural? (I happen to love a good procedural. It’s art when it’s done right.) Weatherly’s trademark sass, along with Chris Jackson’s (Hamilton) existence, will probably make this a regular watch for me. (09/20, 9PM)


Even though I hadn’t watched it in approximately three seasons, I was pissed when Covert Affairs (USA) ended because it meant Piper Perabo was no longer on TV. But we’re saved! Notorious is here. Also starring is Daniel Sunjata, no less fun to watch for being slightly problematic (also was forced off of the small screen when the criminally underrated Graceland, also on USA, was canceled last October).

To me, this looks like a classic ABC-circa-2009/2011 program. Which means right up my alley, as I really got into TV with shows like Castle and Revenge (I know). I sense that it’s going to be a bit procedural with a serial arc, like most ABC dramas, including the two I mentioned above. Nonetheless I’m seriously pumped for another will-they-won’t-they show. But Indrani, you ask, aren’t you tired of the same rom-com trope in every program playing out over five seasons and then fizzling out when the characters actually admit their feelings?

Nope! (09/22, 9PM)


I have similar feelings about Hayley Atwell as I do about Piper Perabo, except slightly stronger, probably due to her time in the Marvel Universe. Conviction, another semi-procedural that will likely include a will-they-won’t-they storyline, is about a conviction integrity unit. Atwell’s character is a hot mess of a hotshot attorney who’s blackmailed into joining the team. Plus, she’s a former president’s daughter. I really hope they do something—interesting, for lack of a better word—socially conscious, maybe? I hope they snatch headlines like The Good Wife did and critique the establishment a bit. But that’s just me.

Another Graceland alum appears in this show, Manny Montana, whose performance I recall enjoying. Also CSI: New York‘s Eddie Cahill, who has aged well, along with Shawn Ashmore of FOX’s The Following and also some X-Men stuff I guess? His twin brother Aaron was on Warehouse 13 once upon a time. Anyway, no matter how much Atwell’s American accent weirds me out, the combination of a conviction integrity unit and White House connections should be fun. (10/03, 10PM)

Now for returning shows.


Will this be the year that Danny Strong, Lee Daniels, and the other folks at FOX realize no one is watching this beautiful, wild program for Terrence Howard? I hope so, but I think not. I don’t really think I can say anything to you about Empire right now that hasn’t been said already. I’m excited. They can bring the crazy, I’m here for it. I’m ready to Snapchat my pal Jess about all the nonsense this show throws at us. I’m ready to yell “leave Andre/Jamal/Hakeem alone” at my laptop. As a side note: Hakeem is kind of my favorite Lyon brother. I know, I know. He’s super problematic and he needs a stylist. But if he improves himself he could be truly great, you feel me? Yeah. Jess hates Hakeem. I also got slight chills at 0:24 in this trailer. Taraji P. Henson is a gift to us, and that’s all. (09/21, 9PM)


First thought: not sure if I like Connor’s (Jack Falahee) longer hair. But otherwise this looks like another gripping season of a fantastic show. My grandmother thinks HTGAWM (along with Empire) went a little off the rails last season. I think that’s okay. I think this show survives because of Viola Davis, and she keeps it ticking, and she keeps me watching. (Along with Karla Souza.) I like a mystery, and HTGAWM is the best kind. Again, not much to say that hasn’t been said already. (09/22, 10PM)


The trailer I’ve linked to is 2/3 season three catch-up montage, and 1/3 new stuff that I actually hadn’t seen. I’m happily anticipating Liz being back in fighting form (read: brunette). This show is usually a fun watch, mainly for James Spader, but also for Diego Klattenhoff’s facial expressions (and name). They’ll take care of the serial arc early, then go procedural with a slow burn on the main plot, then ramp it up for midseason (maybe) and May sweeps. I want answers! Liz’s dad! Who is Red! Etc. And more Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq), and lots of Mozhan Marnò, who should have her own program. (09/22, 10PM)

☆゚. * ・ 。゚QUANTICO 。゚・ * . ☆゚ (ABC)

Let me start by saying that Priyanka Chopra is my favorite. Period.

Okay, moving along. I missed the second half or so of Quantico this spring—I tend to lose steam/gain laziness at midseason. I also missed the second half of Blacklist and caught up on HTGAWM and Empire with some encouragement (read: peer pressure). But I finished Quantico around the beginning of September and I’m 100% ready for season two. As for last season, I already knew who the terrorist was, and I was happy because I hated that character with a hot fire. But my foreknowledge didn’t actually take away all of the surprise, which is impressive for this silly show.

I really got into the characters in the spring half. Specifically, Caleb (Graham Rodgers), who is over-vilified and underrated. But I’m miffed that they picked the title Quantico for this show because Alex (Chopra) is going to work at the CIA in this coming season. Will she move back to the FBI eventually, making the name of her show actually relevant (somehow I think not)? Will the show mutate and change its title to The Farm (again, I definitely think not)? Whatever, Josh Safran. You do you, I guess. I will watch as long as Priyanka is present.

But as a Bollywood fan, I wonder–how long can she stay? Her main fanbase, and her main source of income, still lies in India, and she can only turn down so many films—such as Mr. Chaloo and Padmavati—before directors stop coming to her (or maybe not. She is Priyanka Chopra, after all). Side note: both Mr. Chaloo (which I was pumped for) and Padmavati (which is having the most hilarious problems) are having issues. But also I just want another Bollywood movie from her. It’s been nearly a year. These A-list youths need to get the idea of one or two movies a year out of their heads and do four or five like the 50-year-olds.

Okay, Bollywood digression over. Why am I excited for Quantico season two? Why should you watch? The mystery will be good. I know they stole the present/past gimmick from HTGAWM, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective. It’s a decently funny show. Henry Czerny from Revenge is in it, joining as a CIA employee (director? I do not know). Anybody from Revenge gets a gold star, thumbs-up from me. Yeah, in sum: Priyanka. (09/25, 10PM)


I watched all of Madam Secretary this summer. I had seen most of season one and had caught glimpses of season two as my mother watched. It’s a decent show, and it’s at its best when Téa Leoni and Tim Daly (who play wife and husband for the uninitiated) are acting alongside each other. They have fantastic chemistry, probably because they are dating in Real Life. They are a joy to watch. This show can be a little awkward with foreign-policy jargon and some clichés and some optimistic/idealistic campiness, but the way Leoni just brushes it all off with her characteristic dry wit makes this a will-watch. Profusion of Broadway stars is a plus. My favorite character (besides Elizabeth and Henry) is Dmitri Petrov (Chris Petrovski). I have no particular reason for this. (10/02, 9PM)

Okay! That’s that! Tell your friends about this fabulous blog! And enemies! And families, etc. Good night.

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