fountain pen day!

Happy Fountain Pen Day, everyone! As most of you well know, I really love pens, and fountain pens especially. Today is a good day to start getting into them, readers—there are tons of deals and giveaways today, all of which you can find through the link above. I know a bunch of my friends think fountain pens are too expensive, but there are plenty (like, tons) of great pens for incredibly reasonable prices (yes, even for kids like us).

Anyway, these are my pens! From left to right: Lamy Safari with an F nib, Platinum Preppy (only $3! guys!), Kaweco Sport with an M nib, Lamy Vista with an F nib, TWSBI Mini with an EF nib, Lamy Safari with an M nib, ACME DOTS Standard with an M nib, Franklin-Christoph Model 20 with a CI Masuyama nib, Conklin Duragraph with an M nib, Karas Kustoms Ink with an F nib, and my most recent purchase, a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 with an FM nib.

I bought these from a variety of places (or nabbed them from Based Jen) including JetPens, Goods for the Study, Franklin-Christoph, Bromfield Pen Shop, Karas Kustoms, and Amazon. For my pals at Canadian university, Wonder Pens is fantastic, and for those in England (or other places in Europe), Appelboom and La Couronne de Comte are what I’d recommend. Blog-wise—that is, for reviews and other shop talk—Pen Addict, Wonder Pens, Gentleman Stationer, Well-Appointed Desk, and Ed Jelley are all good starts. Mr. Jelley in fact has a nice article up today about why you should write with a fountain pen (he has good articles on what beginner pen to get, too).

If you’re looking for advice on getting into this habit, or even just want to know what single pen you should get, drop me a line. Like, really, guys.

If you’re celebrating, enjoy the day. If you’re not…well, celebrate something else you love and enjoy the day as well!

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