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Orange is my favorite color, so earlier this year I went on a hunt for the perfect orange ink. I looked at a bunch of different reviews for a bunch of different inks, but I could never find the right one. Then one day I was a-browsing Anderson Pens and I spotted it.


Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei. Said to be a replacement Sailor Jentle Apricot, and my new favorite ink. Susan Pigott of the Pen Addict goes into more detail on its background here, but I’m just going to gush about it.

The color was just right—neither too dark or too light, nor too yellow or too red. But it wasn’t out yet, so I waited. I signed up to be notified of its release three times. It came out shortly before I went on break, so I had it sent to my real house. When it arrived, I immediately fell in love. The box has little emblems of the four seasons on it and is quite cute. The best part about the bottle for me is the cap. It just feels nice to the touch, very smooth. The bottle also comes with an ink miser inside, which was kind of helpful and kind of not—I feel like it’d be a drag with bigger nibs.

However, the miser worked just fine with my Franklin-Christoph Model 03. This pen has a big fat cursive italic nib, so I knew I wanted Kin-Mokusei in there for the shading possibilities. It looks fantastic.


(I didn’t have any orange inks to compare it to—well, I had Lamy orange, but none of my pens are inked up with that.)

I also filled one of my Lamy Safaris up with this ink, and because of the smaller nib the color is much yellower. This orange is so rich, and just so spot-on for fall. The swab reminds me of nothing so much as a pumpkin, and the lighter spots look like the inside of a Blue Hubbard squash. Okay, that was quite the rural analogy. Bear with me.

The water that I dripped on the paper just would not dry, by the way. It refused to absorb and sat atop the notepad for the whole night.

There’s a bit of a chemical smell to Kin-Mokusei, but you don’t really notice it while writing. Plus, it’s nothing compared to Noodler’s Baystate Blue.


Here it is, in a Lamy Safari with an M nib, upon the Tomoe River pages of my Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

And below, the front and back of a page of copy paper.

img_0117 img_0116

(Ignore my shirt and hand peeking out at the bottom.) Very little showthrough, and this is with my M nib.

In short, I love this ink. It’s all kinds of fantastic. I expect it’ll be the stock color in my Franklin-Christoph for a while, and probably in this M Lamy as well.

And just an ending note: this is my first ink review, so my methods may change over time? I’ll try to get more photos in natural light next time (I’m in the college library).

Okay! Tomorrow I’ll do my comic roundup, and there are a TON this week. Just so many. I don’t think I’m putting pictures for all of them, that’s how many.

Sleep well, my dudes. Also, um, you should throw some comments out there. I know you’re visiting the site, so, just do it. Gracias.

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