mirzya trailer #2

I don’t plan on doing trailer reviews all that often (if at all), but this one was excellent.

I liked this much better than the first trailer. Not that I didn’t like the first trailer, which was really good, just that this one was excellent, as I said above. Trailers that are cut to the music are always better, in my opinion, and in this one ROMP used “Hota Hai,” which is my favorite song off of the Mirzya album. (Also this was just cut superbly.) This is the best Bollywood trailer I have ever seen (yes, INCLUDING Bajirao Mastani‘s (2015), which gives me tons and tons of feelings but is not as great).

Best moments: 0:38, because timing.

0:57, again, timing. (They used the gun noises so well, honestly.)

1:30, because the transition between the wedding/mehndi and the dancing that’s part of “Chakora” got me good.

2:21, because Mirzya (Harshvardhan Kapoor) sounds so young as he denies his love for Sahiban (Saiyami Kher). Good stuff, Harsh.

Last notes: at the end, are there white people? Are they the ones dressed in red, with Sahiban on their side? Why?

Mirzya’s bow looks quite cool with the blue accents. Sahiban’s red Sabyasachi lehenga is the bomb. It’s gorgeous and beautiful and perfect for this film (I have a deep obsession with Sabyasachi, my dudes). 17/10 would wear at my wedding. (maybe. pants option?)

And Saiyami Kher is so pretty! And, so far, believable as both past- and present-Sahiban. Where did she come from—she’s not a star kid, so…?

Guys, breaking, I just fact-checked myself, she’s basically a star kid. Also, Saiyami has been a model for a while, which I should have totally guessed, because her bone structure is Matt Bomer-level. Her aunts are Tanvi and Shabana Azmi. The former was in Bajirao Mastani  as Bajirao’s nasty mom, and in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) as Bunny’s mom, and in Darr (1993) as no one’s mom. The latter Azmi has been in over 120 (!!) Hindi and Bengali films, including Umrao Jaan (2006) and Neerja (2016). She’s also a prolific activist.

Oh, man, but wait, Shabana is also Farhan and Zoya Akhtar’s stepmom, the connections never end. For my non-indoctrinated readers, Farhan is an actor and a singer, and Zoya, his sister, is a director. So then is Saiyami cousin to Farhan and Zoya? My thinking says yes. Let nepotism prevail so Saiyami can do a Zoya movie and be successful.

This has become a tangent, and I’m going to exacerbate it. Zoya’s next is a film called Gully Boy (not galli, which pisses me off), based on the lives of the Indian rappers Naezy and Divine. Ranveer Singh is basically #confirmed to star, and with all hope Fawad Khan will join him. Here’s some info; the photo they use of Ranveer is hilarious. So what if Saiyami got in on this action and played a rapper alongside Ranveer (and Fawad)? This is some real deal fantasizing and 100% will not happen but I’m knocking on wood anyway. I can dream.

Okay, good night guys. Book reviews tomorrow maybe? Oh, no, comics tomorrow. Books later. Sleep well. (Listen to the Mirzya soundtrack; the movie comes out on October 7th.)

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