things I loved this week (12/04/16)

Hey, a new line of posts! This is literally just things I loved this week. Enjoy!

1. Swet Shop Boys‘ album Cashmere. This is a hip-hop album, but it’s also a patently Desi album, with sitar and tabla in there with the Outkast references. Every track is bumpable, and the raps are just brilliant. My good pal and Global Favorite Tristan B. put it best:

Stopping refugees is just silly blud

Well you know about Aeneas in the Iliad

Fled Turkey and he just founded Rome

What if he had drowned in a boat?

riz spits this

Like? The rest of the album is also this good, I mean, how? My personal favorite track is “Aaja,” because the hook is incredible.

2. Wonder Pens’ new ink instagram. It’s just them posting a picture of an ink swab in a Hobonichi every day, but it’s cool to see inks I normally wouldn’t, I guess? They’re running through the new Sailor Jentle Four Seasons line right now, and I want every color.

3. Quantico’s midseason finale. Obviously I’ll talk in detail about this later, but for now let me say that twist at the end was crazy, and this mystery is so tangly and complicated and I just want to know what happens!

4. These tweets. 1, 2, 3. (For that last one, all related Anushka Sharma, Shahrukh Khan, and Salman Khan tweets were loved as well.)

5. These two pieces of news: one about an Adventure Zone graphic novel, one about Patrick Rothfuss working on an adaptation of The Kingkiller Chronicles with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

6. The new trailers for Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hideo Kojima’s Death StrandingThe new Zelda looks wildly beautiful and almost like…maybe it just…might be as good as Twilight Princess? As for Kojima’s newest terror—I mean, look at those graphics. I watched it twice, once on my laptop and once on my friend’s phone, and I can’t even fathom how good this game is going to look on a hi-res television or monitor. And how scary! When it starts, all of those dead crabs look very real! And the skeleton-soldiers, the shadows, the BABY, and the weird tank, and, of course, Mads Mikkelsen at the end. When he disappears his helmet, how funky was that effect? And when the cable/tentacles burn in towards him…is Kojima using a new engine? ‘Cause this is crazy. The last couple shots of him at the end look like they just filmed him. Literally, just watch. It won’t make a lick of sense but it’ll get you pumped for this bizarre game. (While trying to find a link to the Stranding trailer I saw that someone has it in 4K. Which must basically mean when they zoom in on Mads’ character, he just steps out through your screen and ganks you.)

7. Noro Kochoran yarn. I’m making a scarf/wrap with this (colorway 53) right now, and it’s knitting up real quick. It’s very soft, too, and I have always loved watching the colors gradient in Noro projects. (This sheds everywhere though. If you so much as come near a skein of this stuff you’ll be covered in angora threads.)

And that’s that for the first installment! On Monday or Tuesday I’ll post about Koffee With Karan, and I’ll think of something for Thurday or Friday! Have a great Sunday!

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