things i loved this week (12/11/16)

A bit late in the day, but here it is.

1. This story about a beaver, a tree, and a dollar store.

2. The Chicken Connoisseur YouTube channel. Just incredible.

3. Motor Crush #1. I’ll talk more about this next Wednesday, but it’s like a mix of Forza, Fast and the Furious, and Sons of Anarchy I guess (I’ve never seen it, but you get the idea)? Plus a queer black lady as the protagonist. I’m totally hooked.

4. My new computer background!

5. Kyo No Oto ink, which is in the header photo. My mom discovered this product and promptly ordered it (from Amazon, but I’ve linked Appelboom). The design on the box, the shape of the bottle, the colors…I’m in.

6. I’m literally listening to Lana Del Rey as I write this, so.

7. …Hearthstone. I remember playing this a bit on my iPad when it first came out on the App Store, but I really had no clue it was a PC game. Until, of course, I watched the Polygon Gameplay Overview (I’m a little obsessed), and thought, huh, maybe this is a game I could be competent at. I’m not super great (or super good, or good) at it yet, but I think I’m getting there? Anyway, Hearthstone is a “fast-paced strategy card game” from Blizzard, who made World of Warcraft. It’s fun and kind of quirky—really, it should have the Othello slogan: “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master.” (Though hopefully not a lifetime; a couple months and a ton of internet aid.) I’ve been watching Polygon’s #StonerzNation playlist, which shows the basics along with actual play (the play is the most helpful, at least for me). Anyway, I’m very much into it.

Okay! I promise actual posts next week—comics on Wednesday, video roundup on Friday, one of these next Sunday. For those of you who have tons of schoolwork and/or finals, you’ll be fine! It won’t matter in the end anyway. Play Hearthstone for a good fun break or something!

(This is from one of the matches I played yesterday…yeah. Unfortunately, he beat me by a hair.)

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