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Comics come out on Wednesdays, so I think this post will usually appear on Wednesday evenings/Thursday mornings.

A-FORCE #9: Thompson, Siqueira

af9I dig the throwback aspect of this cover, specifically where it says “TERROR” in the scratchy font. I also just realized that the cover basically spoils the last page of this issue, but that’s another story. Civil War II makes me kinda mad, because did Marvel really need to kill another black superhero? Was it necessary to mess up She-Hulk? (The answer to both of these questions is no.) But this arc of A-Force has a lot more to do with bug people than Ulysses and all this Minority Report nonsense. I’m ambivalent about this issue—like it was fine, but it didn’t make my heart race or whatever. Plus, I really miss Ben Caldwell‘s art. For example:




He’s doin’ some funky stuff that I just LOVE, especially in that shot of Dazzler Thor. (7/10)

ALL-STAR BATMAN #2: Snyder, Romita Jr., Miki, Shalvey


Like, what a nasty man.

Scott Snyder’s doing a great job with this one. I liked what he did with flashbacks in the first issue, and his plot pacing is solid. There isn’t much to say, sorry—I’m pumped to see where this goes, and to find out who Duke (his name is Duke, right?) is. I always love Declan Shalvey’s art, so it’s a welcome interlude in this series. (9/10)

BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #2: Benson, Benson, Roe, Paquette


Jim Gordon hanging out of that car like a wild man makes this cover for me. The Birds of Prey are awesome, and I’m glad they have their own comic again. But I’m concerned because Black Canary is the only bird there, so what gives?!

I liked this issue. Dinah and Babs are getting along better with Huntress, yay team-building. There’s a nice car chase scene and a good explosion, too. (8/10)

BLACK PANTHER #6: Coates, Sprouse, Story, Martin, Stelfreeze


I’m finding myself almost indifferent to T’Challa. I mean, he’s a badass and a cool dude, but I’m sympathizing more with the Midnight Angels than with the Panther. However I think that’s what Coates is trying to do—no one character is doing everything right. They are just people, after all, and we make mistakes.

Anyways, Sprouse is doing a good job during Stelfreeze’s absence. There’s a good action scene in the second half of this issue, and to be honest I haven’t really noticed the art shift at all. The Djalia section of this issue was beautiful and touching. (9/10)

DC COMICS’ BOMBSHELLS #17: Bennett, Andolfo, Jarrell, Broome, Fitzpatrick


I’m weak in this post, I know. Nonetheless, this is (usually) a feel-good comic, and this issue was no different, with heartwarming tales of Jewish heroines throughout and a rousing rescue at the end. This was a touching issue that blended solemn moments with action scenes very well. (8/10)

DOOM PATROL #1: Way, Derington, Bonvillain


I had clue what was happening in Doom Patrol #1, and I liked it. From the surprise under the burrito on the cover to the end of this issue, I enjoyed myself. Nick Derington’s art looked really familiar, but I couldn’t place it. (Still can’t; if you can tell me in the comments.) It’s probably reminiscent of some picture book I can’t recall.

I recently (five seconds ago) learned that Doom Patrol is not a new series. It’s just getting a reboot with the launch of DC’s new imprint, Young Animal. So hopefully they’ll give us some background in issue #2, because I was lost.

Our protagonist, Casey the EMT, reminds me a little of Leth’s incarnation of Hellcat in her steadfast optimism and unshakeable grin.


I laughed really hard at this panel. (9.5/10)

GOTHAM ACADEMY SECOND SEMESTER #1: Fletcher, Kerschl, Cloonan, Archer, Msassyk, Hope, LaPointe

gaOlive has clearly never read a coming-of-age book geared toward younger readers or she would have known to stay away from Amy, who clearly has anger/manipulation issues and is a Bad Influence.

That aside, this issue nicely sets up more mystery and introduces a new character, Amy, who I assume is the antagonist for this arc (or at least one of them). Fun fact: the jacket Amy is wearing on the cover has Becky Cloonan’s “Stoked” Grim Reaper design she made for Rogue Screen Print (it also comes as a patch). (7.9/10)

LUMBERJANES/GOTHAM ACADEMY #4: Clugston Flores, Valero-O’Connell, Gonzalez, Cogar


Natacha Bustos’ cover is my favorite this week, and my favorite Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy one so far. And Rosemary Valero O’Connell’s pencils warm my heart every month, along with Whitney Cogar’s vibrant colors.

I love this mashup. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but it’s tons of fun. The dynamics between the campers and the Detective Club are great, and it’s nice to see familiar characters in new situations. All in all a fantastic read. (9.77/10)

SOUTHERN CROSS #7: Cloonan, Belanger, Loughridge


Even though I’m super-confused about what’s happening in Southern Cross, I loved this issue. Belanger’s art is a perfect fit for this weird space-rigger dark-Firefly style plot, and the colors are great too. I miss Cloonan’s covers but Loughridge’s is fantastic. I need to reread the first arc stat. (Also Kyril is a damn liar.) I’m excited to meet these new characters and get into the dark heart of ZEMI. (9.5/10)

WONDER WOMAN #6 (YEAR ONE): Rucka, Scott, Fajardo Jr.


I love Nicola Scott’s art. It’s just gorgeous. This issue was funnier than the previous ones due to the language barrier between Diana and everyone else. She also received a visit from some gods in the guise of those animals on the cover, so I’m anticipating the consequences of that in the issue after next (right? this two-a-month thing’s got me confused). (9/10)

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