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I was just really tired last week? Or just really lazy? This is two posts for the price of one, have fun. Short blurbs (well, I’ll try).


CAPTAIN MARVEL #9: Gage, Gage, Silas, Wilson


I 👏🏾 AM 👏🏾 TIRED 👏🏾 OF 👏🏾 THIS. Captain Marvel is unfortunately much less interesting now that Kelly Sue DeConnick isn’t writing it, and this blasted Civil War II nonsense just makes everything worse. (6/10)

DESCENDER #15: Lemire, Nguyen

descender_15-1I deeply enjoy Dustin Nguyen’s art. And the fact that he watercolors every comic, by hand…every comic! Just gorgeous. This was a good issue. We got some much-needed backstory on Andy and Effie/Queen Between (mostly on Effie). That said, I’m ready for the action to pick up again. (9.1/10)

LUMBERJANES #30: Watters, Leyh, Pietsch, Laiho


Lumberjanes never ceases to please. I’ve loved every issue. Whoever the artist is, they always make their art appropriately bright and alive without losing their personal style. Here, it’s Carey Pietsch, who draws very cute snake-hair. Art aside, I dig this gorgon storyline. (9.5/10)

BATGIRL #3: Larson, Albuquerque, McCaig


I am loving this plotline. The second I saw Fruit Bat I knew this was going to be fun, and it has been. Plus, Rafael Albuquerque is one of my favorite comic artists ever, so this is a joy to look at and to read. (9/10)

OVER THE GARDEN WALL #6: McHale, Campbell, Burgos, Sjursen-Lien, McGee, Cogar, Montgomery

I couldn’t find an image of the cover for this issue, so take this lil’ Greg instead:



This is one of my favorite comics of all time. It’s sweet, funny, and beautifully illustrated. As a long-time lover of picture books, this comic warms my heart. Jim Campbell does a fantastic job evoking the cute and chaotic Greg-ian aesthetic, and Cara McGee evokes Wirt’s angsty imaginings with expert inks. (I choose to think that Greg sees reality and Wirt is seeing an illusion, but it’s up to the individual reader.) Story great throughout. (10/10)

SAGA #38: Staples, Vaughan



MS. MARVEL #11: Wilson, Miyazawa, Alphona, Herring


I’m liking Ms. Marvel‘s Civil War II storyline much more than Captain Marvel‘s. Perhaps because I’m actually rooting for Kamala. (I just really really disagree with Carol and that makes me mad.) Miyazawa and Alphona’s art is gorgeous, as one comes to expect. The first scene in this issue features Bruno and Ammi having a chat, and the detail with which Miyazawa and Alphona render their hair and the care in the expressions is laudable. (8/10)

OUTCAST #21: Kirkman, Azaceta


I have never really thought about it before, but I like Outcast‘s covers a whole lot. They’re always very…I’m not quite sure how to articulate it, but strong. Not exactly evocative, and not shocking, but active, I suppose? And I always love their color schemes. Outcast is a bit of a slow burn for me, but it always pays off. (8/10)

WONDER WOMAN #7: Rucka, Sharp, Martin


Look at the sheer detail on this cover! What the heck, Mr. Sharp! Sharp also draws Urzkartaga beautifully on page 8. This is a good mystery, and I love the female friendships in this comic. (8.7/10)

Okay, on to this week.

18 DAYS #16: Chadda, Devarajan, Biagini


I will be honest: I hate the art in this comic. It was good up until Jeevan Kang moved to only covers. I also could not find an image of this week’s #16, so here’s #1. Look at this fabulous promise! Only of course to be abandoned by Morrison abruptly, and for the art and the story to suffer (one much more than the other). I really only get this comic to support my fellow Desis, and because I believe we need more Desi stories (by Desis) in comics. (5.7/10)

DC COMICS’ BOMBSHELLS #18: Bennett, Braga, Andolfo, Nanjan


Whenever I see Laura Braga’s last name all I can think of is Rat Queens. What happened to Rat Queens, anyway?

Breaking: after a quick Wikipedia jaunt, I have discovered that Rat Queens was put on hiatus in April 2016 and is to be continued as a webcomic. I don’t know, maybe Image should have put that in the comic itself so I (and presumably other fans) actually knew that six months ago? Ugh, and there’s controversy and nonsense. Now I’m going to have to follow Kurtis Wiebe on Twitter to keep up. Ay yai yai.

But Bombshells! Good issue. I don’t actually have anything to say about it. New plotline? I’m pumped? That’s it. (8/10)

DC COMICS’ BOMBSHELLS ANNUAL: Bennett, Charretier, Hi-Fi


HOW great of a name is Hi-Fi, guys. I really liked this issue. It was a fun supernatural funky tale. Also, is the Professor Jones Commander Waller mentions at the beginning like, um, Indiana Jones? Is Indiana Jones a DC property? Does this mean I could essentially eventually WRITE an Indiana Jones comic for DC?

But that’s a little beside the point. I enjoyed this more than the regular monthly Bombshells. It was just more fun. And Charretier’s art gave me some Darwyn Cooke-y vibes. The reveal at the end—it may not have been a reveal for everyone, but it was for me—had me grinning. (8/10)

PAPER GIRLS #10: Vaughan, Chiang, Wilson


Nice Hallowe’eny cover with all the Erins. I dig. This issue was a lot of fun, and set up what promises to be an exciting next arc. For some reason, my copy smells like raw potatoes right now. An irrelevant but interesting aspect of the issue, so I’ll include it in my review and score. For those who’ve read it (and for those who haven’t this isn’t much of a spoiler): when the girls jump through the portal into future-land, I got serious The Cat Returns-vibes. The color scheme, the landscape, everything. And BKV is taking the Cult of Apple to the next level. (9.7/10)

MOONSHINE #1: Azzarello, Risso


This sounded more interesting in the solicit than it was. Maybe it is also a slow burn? I’m intrigued, but not hooked. I liked Risso’s art though, and I couldn’t figure out why until right now—it looks just a bit like Tim Sale’s. Particularly on page 4, where Risso’s drawing of Joe “The Boss” Masseria (very creative nickname, Azzarello) recalls Sale’s inks of Carmine Falcone in The Long Halloween. It’s something about the looseness of the lines. Anyway, so far it’s fine, with some mysteries I’m interested in solving. So I’ll stick with it, for the time being, if only because it is set in West “By God” Virginia. (I have never been to WV, and I’m kind of scared to as a queer kid of color, but I have a deep abiding love for it. My best friend’s parents are from their originally, and on their basement whiteboard is a—well, here it is:


It’s been there for at least 10 years now. I love it. End aside.)

Also, there are three silhouetted men on the cover, but only one protagonist so far. Something to look forward to? (7/10)

ROMULUS #1: Hill, Blake II


In contrast to MoonshineRomulus‘s first issue exceeded my expectations. I had heard good rumblings on Twitter, but I sense that this series will be another big one for Image (knock on wood). The concept is strong, the art is good, and I am hooked hooked hooked.

First of all, the main enemy in this story is basically Illuminati #confirmed. In fact, the “next issue” blurb is “ENTER THE ILLUMINATI!” So essentially this was made for me. Couple that with a matriarchal assassin’s guild, a cool new lupine religion, and a strong heroine (maybe of color)? Here for this.

Neither Hill nor Blake II have much on their records, but this is a strong start. Blake’s art makes me think of that of my favorite comic artist of all time, Tradd Moore (Luther Strode series). In particular page 9, panel 2, and the preview for the cover of issue #2. There’s also something about the colors that put me in the Moore state of mind, but I’m not enough of an artist to actually put that into words. Something about the flatness? Is that right? I don’t know, but good job, bud. I also liked Blake’s use of light in this issue, his chiaroscuro.

All in all a super, super #1. Pick this one up, folks. (9.5/10)

CLEAN ROOM #12: Simone, Davis-Hunt, Winter


Guys, Clean Room is not for the faint of heart or stomach. This issue was a doozy, too. I’m not a horror fan, but Clean Room is just so great. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s got me good. Probably Simone’s fabulous writing. This series just doesn’t let up, and that’s fine with me. (9.7/10)

I know, what a slog. Also I’ve reneged on like, all of my promised posts from last week. I just received Garth Nix’s newest Abhorsen book, Goldenhand (thank you Based Mom Jen), and I will review that when I’m done. (I am so excited.) I’ll pull it together, I swear. Plus, I’m going home on the 15th, so I’ll have more time. Advertise this blog, kids. Goodnight.

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