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Hello! I would have done this fifteen minutes ago, but WordPress was down for maintenance.

Also I promised so many posts that just haven’t appeared. I’ll do better—tomorrow I’ve planned a quick one, with two trailers and a song.

There were a lot of comics this week, so let’s dig in.

POWER MAN & IRON FIST #9: Walker, Greene, Flaviano, Rauch


I am so, so done with this storyline. Also I hate this cover. I wish that Marvel could have kept Luke and Danny out of this Civil War II mess like they kept Howard the Duck out of it, but…ugh. Anyway, hopefully since Luke Cage was such a fantastic TV show there’ll be a new, fantastic comic series? Maybe? With Misty and Claire, etc. (we don’t need Danny)? (5/10)

GOTHAM ACADEMY SECOND SEMESTER #2: Fletcher, Kerschl, Cloonan, Archer, Msassyk, Hope, LaPointe


Witches! Detectives! Mystery! Terrible roommates! I just love Gotham Academy. Look at all of these pals posing. Just great. (9/10)

BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #3: Benson, Benson, Roe, Antonio, Passalaqua


The snake-people looked super-cool. One of them is named Cottonmouth, so while reading this issue I thought, hey, what if that is the Cottonmouth from the aforementioned Luke Cage? Then just now, flipping through to reacquaint myself with this installment’s events, I recalled that this is a DC comic. Also surprise Black Canary backstory in this issue. (7.7/10 for the comic 5/10 for my intellect)

DARTH VADER #25: Gillen, Larroca, Fiumara, Delgado, Steward


Kieron Gillen must have been a natural pick for Darth Vader because both of them are so none more goth. That aside, this was an awesome end to an awesome series. This felt the most Star-Wars-y to me than any other issue. I couldn’t tell you why, but it did. With a funky Tusken raiders story and a good twist, this was a fitting end to a good ride. (9.5/10)

SOUTHERN CROSS #8: Cloonan, Belanger, Loughridge


I was thinking about Belanger’s art this past week—I must’ve seen something on Twitter—and the word I’d pick to describe it is anxious. It conveys a certain sense of smallness and something imminent. Anyway. This was a good issue. A ghost makes their comeback in this issue. I really need to reread this series when I get home (so soon! aaaaa). I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the ads for ZEMI items and other space things in the back of each issue. (8.7/10)

THE PUNISHER #6: Cloonan, Dillon, Martin


Two solid Becky Cloonan titles this week. This one features a Shalvey/Bellaire cover I love. Remember when I said last month that I thought that was maybe the end of the arc? I was wrong. Nothing major happened in this issue, but we got some Frank/Olaf backstory, and at the end it said END. So this is the end of the arc, in case you all were as ignorant as I was. (8/10)

ODY-C #11: Fraction, Ward


Man, what did we do to deserve Christian Ward? He’s the real deal.

Okay, after a literal millennium ODY-C has decided to grace us with its presence again. And get this—it’s all written in rap. At least, that’s how I read it. In the Odyssey & Oracle section at the back, Fraction says that he “eschew[ed] the dummy hexameter of the previous volumes for limericks.” Wild, huh? Literally THE WHOLE THING.

This is another series I have to reread, and carefully. This arc is on the House of Atreus and their curse. This page from University of Pennsylvania is a good, quick, and easy brush-up on the facts for those of you who either know nothing about this or who, like me, have been sideswiped by this knowledge but have neither retained nor obtained any deeper facts.

I really loved this issue. (10/10)

WONDER WOMAN #8: Rucka, Evely, Fajardo Jr. 

ww_cv8_57f7f2e2f02247-30851258I had never read a Wonder Woman comic before Rebirth, so (well, I read Gail Simone’s The Circle, but) I know next to nothing about her canon. Basically, I have no clue who Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah is. But since they’re giving her a new origin, a veritable rebirth, one might say, I am free and clear. Also, Minerva is a badass! So cool! Indiana-Jones-esque! Big fan. Would read the solo series. Evely did a lovely job of rendering the ruins this month (week? biweek? fortnight?) and I dig the cover. (neutral)

MOON KNIGHT #7: Lemire, Stokoe, Francavilla


James Stokoe’s art reminds me of a mashup between Chris Burnham’s (Nameless, E is for Extinction) and Katsuhiro Otomo’s (if you don’t know, uh, remedy that now) styles. And someone else a little more, I suppose, cartoony, but I can’t place them. It’s in General Lupinar’s eyes. Maybe Sam Bosma (Fantasy Sports)? Good stuff. And good stuff overall, too. (neutral)

LUMBERJANES GOTHAM ACADEMY #5: Clugston-Flores, Matthews, Matthews, Ayoub, Cogar


So happy. So sweet. Plus a cool bone-conglomerate monster and Olive setting things aflame! All part of my Hallowe’en aesthetic. (10/10)

ALL-STAR BATMAN #3: Snyder, Romita Jr., Shalvey, Miki, White, Bellaire


This was a lot of fun. KGBeast is such a funny name. And why is he talking about sea-steading? I laughed at that. This week was backstory-heavy—here we get some childhood dirt on Bruce and Harvey. Good issue.

Oh, wait. Obviously I’m supposed to review the content, but I just wanted to say I love the feel of these issues. The solid, glossy cover really does it for me. (neutral)

DOOM PATROL #2: Way, Derington, Bonvillain


I still don’t know what is going on, and I still like it! More general weirdness in this issue, plus some alien existentialism. And the introduction of Negative Man, whom I feel would not be that out of place in Nowhere Men. (neutral)

MONSTRESS #7: Liu, Takeda


Sana Takeda, man, another artist we just don’t deserve. Honestly, I missed Monstress much more than I thought I would. It’s just so intriguing, and such a solid series. I love a mystical mystery, and this is one of the best I’ve read. (10/10)

JUPITER’S LEGACY 2 #4: Millar, Quitely


I love Quitely’s art so much. I haven’t read all of the Jupiter’s series, but I’m getting there. All I will say about this issue is that it was HEARTBREAKING and I am MAD. (9/10)

HOWARD THE DUCK #11: Zdarsky, Quinones, Rivera, Gibson


How Zdarsky managed to satirize comics, while actually making a hilarious comic book, while writing an absolutely touching good story is beyond me. I’m so sad that Howard is ending its run, but I’m really happy that Chip and Joe got to do it in their way, which was the best way. (10/10)

Okay! Look for those various video reviews tomorrow. On Saturday I might post something, but I’m not quite sure what (the long-promised book reviews? who knows?). On Sunday I am seeing Mirzya (!!!!!!!) with Based Jen, so look for that verdict. I’ve also started watching Supergirl, which I like 100% more than I thought I would, so I’m thinking of doing one review halfway through the first season then another at the end of it. Oh! On Saturday I’ll probably write up my thoughts on Conviction and Madam Secretary and maybe update you on the other new shows? (read: tell you that Notorious still sucks?)

Closing message: spread the word about my blog, thank you. Also good night.



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