weekly comics review x2

I won’t/can’t put in the cover art for every single one in of these. Also, I will TRY HARD to make these blurbs short, which will be easy for a bunch of them. (I know this is quite late, but…ah well.)

A-FORCE #10: Thompson, Siqueira, Bennett, Rosenberg

This was the last A-Force for the foreseeable future, which I just didn’t know? It’s kind of a weird and sudden ending, no big arc ending or anything. I hope the next installment of this series has a better writer. (I hope that’s not too horrible to say.) (5/10)

LUCIFER #11: Black, Garbett, Fabela

I think I mentioned this when #10 came out, but I know approximately zero about Lucifer’s Vertigo canon (except what’s in Sandman), so I have no idea what the implications of the last page are. But I really enjoyed this issue. Black is a master of her craft, and was the perfect choice for this series.

STAR TREK BOLDLY GO #1: Johnson, Shasteen, Mastrolonardo


loved this. It felt like watching a Star Trek movie, i.e., exciting, suspenseful, etc. One thing I’m not completely sold on is the art, though. The cover rocks, but something about it—maybe it’s because Shasteen has to render characters whose visages I am familiar with? He draws a good Kirk on page 13, though. But Uhura doesn’t look a whole lot like Uhura, and sometimes Sulu doesn’t either. My one story complaint: do we need another love interest for Kirk? Especially when they never last more than one film? I’m assuming (perhaps wrongly, I admit) that Commander Valas and Kirk are going to get flirty and that I am not going to enjoy it at all.

I lost it at the last page. If you’ve read this issue—and if you enjoy Star Trek in any of its iterations I’d say go grab it—you know what I mean. I totally lost it (I was in public, too, go figure). That sold me on this. (7/10)

THE BEAUTY #11: Haun, Hurley, Green, Rauch

Good stuff, all around. I don’t have anything else to say but keep up the good work, folks.

PATSY WALKER, A.K.A. HELLCAT! #11: Leth, Williams, Rosenberg

The name of this arc is “Don’t Stop Me-Ow.” HOW great is Hellcat, guys. We also meet a cool girl gang in this issue, so points all around. (8/10)

BATGIRL #4: Larson, Albuquerque, McCaig


I left this one big on purpose. I will give Rafael Albuquerque all of my money, full stop. He knows how to do his job and then some.

I’ve said it before, but I dig this arc, so it gets a good ol’ check from me.

OUTCAST #22: Kirkman, Azaceta

Nice and spooky for Hallowe’en. These two know how to play the long game. The letters section in this issue is particularly good for theories on what being an Outcast means and who Sydney’s kind are. (9/10)

THE PUNISHER ANNUAL: Conway, Ruiz, Loughridge

(I am sad about Steve Dillon. That’s all.) This issue did a great job of telling a relatively complex story in a one-shot, jumping from flashbacks to the present without losing me. Nice.

DKIII THE MASTER RACE: Miller, Azzarello, Kubert, Janson, Anderson

I didn’t even know this was coming out this (/last) week! Same with Star Trek, to be honest. But I always get excited when DKIIIs are in my pull. I guess it’s because The Dark Knight Returns and also Strikes Again are so seminal and important to comics history that to have the single issues and to just be present when this third story comes out is, well, cool. One thing: why is Clark’s, uh, power armor (I suppose?) so weird looking? He looks like a caricature of himself? Whatever. (9/10)

LUMBERJANES #31: Watters, Leyh, Pietsch, Laiho

Friendship is so great. Especially when it involves giant birds, snake hair, goddesses, and funky underground temples. And great art, and fantastic storytelling. (9/10)

WONDER WOMAN #9: Rucka, Sharp, Martin

2Here’s the deal: I smell a conspiracy. I thought it was just due to my lack of canonical Wonder Woman knowledge that I didn’t recognize the lady in Empire Enterprise on page 6, but I just used the Google machine real quick and it couldn’t tell me either. She has a scary logo (which is also on the cover) and—ah, never mind. I googled her name (Veronica Cale) and she appeared, silly me.

Okay! Judging from what I just learned about Ms. Cale, maybe Rucka’s going to bring back a villain called the Silver Swan? Cale turns the Silver Swan (formerly Diana’s pal Vanessa Kapatelis) into a cyborg lady in order to fight Wonder Woman. Look at the cover, guys. OBVIOUSLY.

This-issue-wise, I want to give Liam Sharp an award. Both he and Nicola Scott are doing some of the best work in comics today. (8/10)

THE MIGHTY THOR #12: Aaron, Irving, Dauterman, Wilson

The flashback art in this issue, rendered by Frazer Irving, is some weird 3D-style nonsense. However, I didn’t realize this until the last page of the flashback, which was shockingly—ugh, I don’t want to say bad, but—BAD! It’s also such a departure from Dauterman’s great inks and Wilson’s vibrant colors.

I quite enjoyed learning about Mjolnir, though. This kind of backstory is my deal.

ODY-C #12: Fraction, Ward


Almost every illustration in this issue is splash-page-style. unnamed

Again, how wild is Christian Ward? I am absolutely enamored with the House of Atreus storyline, and it’s definitely getting me pumped to get back into the Odyssia tale as well. Matt and Christian are doing something so unique, something that will definitely be iconic, definitely a legacy kind of thing. (10/10)

DESCENDER #16: Lemire, Nguyen

this was so sad oh my god why (9/10) (point deducted for the sorrow)

BLACK PANTHER #7: Coates, Sprouse, Story, Martin

I am HERE for the crew. Especially after watching Luke Cage and seeing how absolutely awesome Misty Knight is.


If you haven’t watched Luke Cage yet, please, just…just go do that now.

Black Panther is a fantastic and complex story. Morals, the ethics of kingship, race, family, class, black people magic…I love it. (10/10)

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #2: Remender, Opeña

(First panel page 4: total Clean Room vibes.)

I think they just switched everything up in this issue, unless the Mud King just total no-scope KOs everyone immediately in #3? I loved metal-jaw crocodile-man, first of all. This world is wild and crazy and very well fleshed out. Fantastic. (10/10)

OVER THE GARDEN WALL #7: McHale, Campbell, Burgos, Sjursen-Lien, McGee, Cogar, Montgomery, Choo

I happen to love birds, so the fact that Greg went to a chic bird city in this issue had me over the moon. (10/10)

JUGHEAD #10: North, Charm

How funny is it that the artist’s last name is Charm, huh? (Get it, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, charm, Charm?!)

This issue had me laughing out loud (again, in public). Besides North’s page notes, there’s a special cameo in this issue. (8/10)

SAGA #39: Staples, Vaughan


God, I love Saga. (10/10)

Alright, guys, next week there are two (at least) incredibly exciting comics coming out. It also doesn’t look like there are that many on my pull list for tomorrow, so I will be quicker about it.

Friday is Fountain Pen Day—I don’t know exactly what I’ll do for it, but right now I’m thinking about a rundown of my pens, or something like that. I definitely want to talk more about pens moving forward, but I get new comics much more often than I get new pens. Anyway.

Sleep well! Tell your mail carrier about this blog, and tell yourself to leave comments.


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