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I’m inaugurating a new section this week. The comic book store is by an ice cream shop, which, for those of you who are from my neck of the woods, is kind of like a Rancatore’s or a Toscanini’s. Anyway, I go there every Wednesday and eat ice cream while I read the week’s haul. From here on out, therefore, I’ll be divulging my weekly flavors. Since they were out of hot fudge again today, I had a scoop of their fabulous Salted Caramel with some homemade whipped cream.

DC COMICS’ BOMBSHELLS #19: Bennett, Andolfo, Braga, Qualano, Jarrell, Lawson


(I could not find a properly-sized full picture of this cover.)

For a second there I thought I’d missed an issue, because Harvey Dent appears? But it looks like I didn’t, and there seems to be a bit of plot missing, so? Besides that, this was a good issue and I hope it isn’t just a one-off. (7/10)

MOON KNIGHT #8: Lemire, Francavilla, Torres, Stokoe, Smallwood, Garland, Bellaire


I’m not really sure what to say about this issue, except that I am very invested in seeing this story through to its conclusion. Is everything in Marc’s head? Is this some very complicated Khonshu-induced dissociative state? I don’t know, but I really really want to. (8/10)

BITCH PLANET #9: DeConnick, De Landro, Fitzpatrick, Cowles


It’s back! I did a little dance when I checked my list for this week, I was so excited. Again, I don’t have a ton to say—if you read this, you’ll get it. This series is both very good and very, very important. (The back cover for this issue is one of my favorites.) (9.5/10)

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #23: Gillen, Wada, McKelvie, Wilson




I received the variant cover (on the left) from my retailer this week, so I thought I’d throw it in there so you’d know what a splendid sight greeted me this evening. (Although now I’m going to have to hunt down the regular cover when I get to a Newbury Comics or something.)

I’m going to start with the art in this issue, both because it was fantastic and because it’s played a large part in how #23 has been promoted. Kevin Wada is a genius. I first saw his work, I think, when he did a series of X-Men “fashionizations” (here’s Quentin Quire). He does a lot of comic illustrations, I guess maybe for commissions or for fun. All of his work is very beautiful to me. His She-Hulk art is one of my favorite things, ever. Just look at Steve and Peggy and Bucky! He did a poster for Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows (which I need to read) earlier this year, which is just…he’s so good.

His work in this issue really shows off his fashion skills. Particularly with Baal and Woden, and there again specifically on pages 12-13 and page 20. Watercolor is such a fun medium, and it’s not one you see so often in comics.

Okay, onto the words. Team WicDiv rustled up a slew of cool reporter-types to write fake magazine interviews for this issue, namely Leigh Alexander, Dorian Lynskey, Laurie Penny, Mary HK Choi, and Ezekiel Kweku (who happens to have the best Twitter and best bio ever). At least to me, this issue read like a blend of the New York Times’ style magazine and their regular Sunday magazine. As Gillen writes, “the short high concept: the Issue is a magazine. A fashion magazine.” In this fictional world, the magazine is Pantheon Monthly, and the editor-in-chief is Gillen himself. The issue feels like a standalone, but I expect certain little things in there will be important in the coming arc, IMPERIAL PHASE I. Not that I wasn’t convinced before, but this magazine thing definitely makes the gods feel like pop stars.

Some things I dug: McKelvie’s ads at the beginning and end of the issue. Very well done. Sergio Serrano’s graphic design, which rocks (and appropriately rolls) here. The bios of the contributors at the back are fun, too. (10/10)

Okay! This was an early finish for me (probably because there were very few comics this week). Hopefully next week the ice cream store will have hot fudge, because they’ve been out the past two times I’ve gone. A gentle reminder: Friday is Fountain Pen Day! I can talk about pens for hours, so feel free to leave a comment or something (or, if you know me in the physical world, Snapchat Facebook Instagram email, etc.). Sleep well, and tell your study groups about this blog.

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